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Hét Hat Club (seven six club in Hungarian) is a collective of travelling musicians who started playing together in the 7th and 6th district of Budapest Hungary, with a jazz manouche and Balkan repertoire.
“Pompe it” is the name chosen for their first USA tour and album recorded last winter, “La pompe”, the job done by the rhythm guitar replacing the drums in standard jazz formations gives a raw energy and is the foundation of their music and lifestyle as travelling musicians.
The musicians from different backgrounds and nationalities (France, Italy, and Hungary) are open to the world of music and adapt it to an acoustic jazz quartet with saxophone, guitars and double bass.

Valentin Desmarais

French musician, started in the conservatory of Aix-en-Provence with piano and saxophone in classic and contemporary music . After some studies in architecture, music comes back by learning jazz improvisation and balkan music in Budapest.

Antoni d’erchie

From Como lake, Italy, started to play music at the age of 21 after a brief career as painter. Met with Django’s music in the street while travelling , since then devoted to jazz manouche.

isaac misri

From Maryland USA, started playing guitar at 13 playing blues and classic rock. It’s after an engineering school that he decided to travel the world playing music on the street through the USA, Europe and Asia. Now working of Gypsy Jazz and Balkan music.

balasz fischer

Double bass