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The four musicians of the Hét Hat Club bring a taste of the lively french jazz Manouche with an eclectic mix of folk music from the Balkans to any venues or event. They create an intimate, unforgettable experience catered to each audience.
Their ability to energize an event with acoustic instruments up close and personal, or amplified on stage makes the Hét Hat Club the band for any venue.


Contact us via email or via our facebook page to know our availability and rates.

Examples of services:

  • Jazz manouche and balkan folk music concert, Europe
  • Jazz Manouche for weeding in Budapest, Hungary
  • Wedding cocktail hour band, Germany
  • Gypsy jazz Band and Balkan band for corporate event, Hungary
  • Musicians live wedding, Italy
  • Folk music live concert in Europe
  • Cocktail & Apéro set live music, France
  • Live music band for Dinner, Italy
  • Music performance for Party, Hungary

Technical Stuff :

We are autonomous in amplification we usually need an electrical outlet within 10 meters of the performance place as well as chairs without armrest.

Note : If the place is not equipped with electricity, we have an amplification solutions for battery lasts 2 hours.

Concert / Ceremony set

The Hét Hat Club gather melodies from the gypsy culture and explore the links with this music and jazz.All throughout the concert you will be able to travel through different culture such as French manouche music from Django Rheinardt, to the Hungarian, Transylvanian, Serbian, Bulgarian Moldovian folk music. We also are able to introduce you and your audience to the specific dance rhythm that we are playing.

Our repertoire include: Originals, Django Rheinardt, Les Doigt de L’homme, Nadara, Geamparale, Turkish Csocek, Invertita, Transylvanian Hora, Hungarian traditional folk music  Bulgarian dance songs and of course many jazz standards.

We are also able to be on your side for the ceremony playing songs of your choice to make your ceremony a special moment. 

Party set

The experience in the Budapest night life and the Balkan and up tempo Jazz set makes Hét Hat Club a great band for your parties and dance events and are happy to adapt to the requirements and circumstances of your special occasion.


Dinner set

The Hét Hat Club can provide  a relaxed elegant jazzy set for your event or more lively jazz and Balkan set in function of the desired mood.

We are able to perform any event anywhere:


  • Decantautore – Umbria (Italy) – July 16 2017
  • Hotel Cernia – Sant’Andrea, Isola d’Elba (Italy) – July 9 2017
  • Wedding – Villa Vignamaggio, Tuscany (Italy) – June 17 2017
  • IF Café – Budapest (Hungary) – May 14 2017
  • Lampás – Budapest (Hungary) – May 4 2017
  • Mediawave Festival – Komárom (Hungary) – April 30 2017
  • Red Poppy Art House San Francisco, (USA) – February 24
  • Studio Grand – Oakland, (USA) –  February 17 2017
  • The Mint – Los Angeles, (USA) – February 12 2017
  • Harbor Music Hall – San Diego, (USA) – February 9 2017
  • Squashed Grapes – Ventura, (USA) – February 8
  • Don Quixote – Santa Cruz, (USA) – January 30 2017
  • Golden Era – Nevada City, (USA) – January 29
  • 215 Main – Point Arena, (USA) – January 26 2017
  • Make Out Room – San Francisco, (USA) – January 22 2017
  • Szimpla Kert – Budapest (Hungary) – October 9 2016
  • Wedding – Bóly (Hungary) – May 28 2016
  • Aurora – Budapest (Hungary) – January 16 2016

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