Balkanouche – Digitale version


Album name: Balkanouche
Release date: 10 March 2018

This album celebrate the union of two main musical inspirations of the band: The Gypsy Jazz of Django Reinhardt and the traditional music of Eastern Europe. In this album  it is also a new bigger formation with tuba, accordion, two guitares and saxophone.

Recorded by Mazura János at Etnofon Studio, Budapest Hungary



Album in two different format: mp3 and wav

<strong>Tracklisting :</strong>

01. Joseph Joseph – Russian jewish song
02. Geamparale – Dobranotch
03. Geamparale de la Babadag – folk song from Dobrogea
04. Gankino Horo – Bulgarian Folk
05. Kalusul – “Op chat chat” folk song from Oltenia
06. Kasap Havasi – Turkish Cocek
07. The Last Waltz – Jo Yeong-wook
08. Mimosa – Hono Winterstein
09. Provence geamparale – Valentin Desmarais &amp; Bitó János
10. Titi hora – Romanian Folk
11. Mini Kolo – Sebastien Giniaux
12. Blues en mineur – Django Reinhardt
13. Balkanski čoček – Aleksandar Šišić

<strong>Listen to the extract of the album:</strong>

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