We are open for new collaborations with projects from any kind of field in art such as videos, dance, improvisation, festivals,… For collaborations please contact us via hethatclub@gmail.com

Here is an historic of the past collaborations.

Kjartan and the Hét Hat Club 

A project born from friendship and a wish to create a band that would mix the members of the band Szkojáni Charlatans from USA and the Hét Hat Club. This video is one of the many that has been shot in California by Django Durand.

Collaborator Szkojáni Charlatans


Budapest jazz manouche jam sessions with Valami Swing

One of the project we are putting together in Budapest is to promote and play Jazz Manouche in Hungary the community of musicians is really small but really active and try to share this music with everybody.

Collaborator: Valami Swing

Musicians: Lakatos Vilmos (guitar), istván babindák (clarinet) Kállai Dezső (guitar), Makk András (guitar), David Cooper (guitar), Vázsonyi János (saxophone), Valentin Desmarais (Saxophone), Gyüdi Sándor (double bass)