SCHENGEN SHUFFLE – recorded September 2019

SCHENGEN SHUFFLE (/ˈʃɛŋən/ /ˈʃʌf(ə)l/) :

  1. The 2019 tour route of the Hét Hat Club, passing through Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania.
  2. Dance performed in solo, partner and group. A mesh of Eastern European folkloric dances and modern Hip-Hop, techno, cumbia and moshpit styles.
  3. The act of moving in and out of the Schengen zone. In order to avoid overstaying the 90 day schengen tourist Visa.
  4. Seasonal work of leaving the Balkans for western Europe to make more money and living back in western Europe.
  5. Mixing of Eastern and Western european musical style.

Schengen zone is an area comprising 26 European states with a common visa policy, who have effectively abolished internal borders  with stricter external border security. 



SCHENGEN SHUFFLE is an instant picture of what Kjartan and the Hét Hat Club has been doing in 2019: travelling around the world while performing for many kind of people and bringing nearly lost traditions of music with an intense fresh feel. 

Whether it is around a table with friends or on the stage of a world music festivals the band is eager to make the audience discover their music world.

This album has been recorded in the aim to show what the band is able to show live. It has been recorded with minimum post-production and the will to keep the raw energy of what is happening on stage. 


BALKANOUCHE – released March 2018

“Balkanouche “ is born from the meeting of the improvisation culture of Gypsy jazz from Django Reinhardt and the wild Balkan folk music


Bitó Janos – Accordion
Desmarais Valentin – Saxophone
d’Erchie Antonio – Manouche Guitar
Lakatos Vilmos – Manouche Guitar
Mazura János – Tuba

Recorded in Ethnophone Studios by Mazura János